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Our Kindergarden Program

“I love watching the young children come to me and grow year by year into spiritual, smart and independent young adults.” Wendy Coon, 1st Grade Teacher

Our entire school follows the same Sadlier Math and Journeys Reading curriculums.  Miss Symank focuses on center-based education.  This allows her to work with smaller groups of kids at their level.

Our school also offers several Specials classes. We have: Music, Drama, Art, Religion, PE and Buddies with 4th graders!

The 1st Grade program encourages its students to be independent and respectful to one another and prepares them with the academic skills they will need to excel in 2nd grade and beyond…

A memorable experience in the Sacred Hearts School Program is being a part of its mentoring program, which pairs a 5th grade student with a 1st grader to offer guidance and confidence. Fifth graders meet weekly with the youngsters for fun activities. The reading buddy program, where they meet weekly to read, is a favorite of amongt students.

With a close team of teachers and faculty, the spirit of ’ohana permeates this school. The entire staff lends a hand to support the children and to bring out their best talents.             

The 4th Grade Program

The Language Arts program uses Journey’s Curriculum and is aligned with common core state standards.        

Sadlier Math uses Value Multiplication Concepts Division Concepts Factors and Multiples Fraction Concepts Measurement and Data Lines and Angles Polygons.

Science concepts include Properties of Matter Classifying Living Things Weather and Climate Magnetism and Electricity. The Social Studies program focus is in Hawaiian Studies.