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Voting Members

Rev. Kuriakose Nadooparambil, MF  - Pastor

Alton Anthony DeGama Jr.- President

Born and raised in Lahaina, Alton Anthony DeGama Jr. attended Sacred Hearts School from Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Alton and his beloved wife, Laurie Lei DeGama, his high school sweetheart of over 25 years, have daughter Whitney, who attends the 5th grade at SHS. He graduated with a BS in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and recently became a Certified Health Coach. Newly retired from owning his own deli(No Ka Oi Deli) for the last 20 years, Alton is now working for Kaiser in the Positive Choice Weight Management Department. A perfect fit for the exercise fanatic who loves CrossFit, tennis, distance running and just recently became a Zumba instructor. Alton, also a Maria Lanakila parishioner, is very grateful to be given an opportunity to shape SHS in an advisory capacity.

Jorge Pedroza

Jorge has been part of the School Board for the last 5 years. Both his son and daughter attended Sacred Hearts School from kindergarten through 8th grade. Jorge and his wife believe sending their children to Sacred Hearts was the best decision they ever made! Jorge also serves on the Maria Lanakila Pastoral Committee and is proud to represent the Hispanic community.

Nick Ware

Nick was born and raised in central Vermont before attending Northeastern University in Boston, where he received his bachelor’s degree in economics.  Upon graduating in 2006, he moved to Oahu for “just a year” with his three best friends.  Nick was hired by T S restaurants at Duke’s Waikiki on his first day on the island and his first trainer was his now wife, Jasmine.  The training continues to this day…After starting his management career with T S in 2010, Nick was selected as the General Manager of Duke’s Maui in 2018.  Nick and Jasmine have two young boys, Brady (yes, after Tom Brady), and Finley.  Brady is enrolled in the ELC program at Sacred Hearts, and they look forward to enrolling Finley when he is old enough as well.  In Nick’s words: “Having a sense of community was vital while growing up in rural Vermont.  It’s a familiar feeling here in West Maui where community comes first.  Jasmine and I are looking forward to raising our boys with the same emphasis on values that we were raised with, and attending Sacred Hearts School is a big part of that.”

​Nora Takushi-Board Member

School Board Q and A:

Q: What does the school board do?  
A: Ensures the long term success of the school in its mission through strategic planning to meet the school's needs in areas such as Development, Enrollment, Fundraising, Marketing and PR, Technology Development and Curriculum Enhancement.

Q: How does it operate?
A: There are monthly meetings (usually the second Tuesday of each month), with additional special meetings and project sub committees as needed.

Q: How are members chosen?
A: Any parishioner or parent can apply in March of each year to a nominating committee of the Board. The Pastor makes the final decision about names put forward.