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April 16, 2020

Aloha and Easter Season Greetings,

This year marks 158 years of Sacred Hearts School’s service in the West Maui Community and island of Maui. My favorite place at Sacred Hearts School is in the Saint Mother Marianne Cope Hall at the glass case that holds the images and memories of the Sacred Hearts School community of long ago. They remind us of our legacy and commitment to strengthening Catholic Education.

Catholic schools have the tradition of forming the whole person, body, mind and soul. In the words of Bishop Michael Barber, Chairman of the Committee on Catholic Education, Catholic schools seek to “teach children to think deeply, communicate effectively and to live in the freedom of the children of God.” Sacred Hearts School is blessed to have dedicated and experienced faculty and staff members committed to carrying out the school’s mission of providing excellence in education and to nurture a life of prayer, faith and service in the Catholic tradition.

Sacred Hearts School students recite the school mission statement at the school’s morning assembly including the school’s virtual assembly. Kindergartners motion as they recite the words and older students stand at attention while reciting from memory. We are all called to take part in the mission and tradition of Sacred Hearts School handed down to us over the years.

As Principal I am dedicated to strengthening the tradition of Catholic education at Sacred Hearts School. This is a mission that I am happy to share with the new Sacred Hearts School Leadership Team and members Mrs. Patty Wurst, Middle School Leader and 6th grade instructor, Ms. Vanessa Brovelli, Director of our Early Learning Center, Manny Fernando, our Business Manager and Accountant and Mrs. Yvette Richard, our Enrollment and Development Director.

My immediate goals are:

Centralize or simplify school events or programs for more clarity and to provide focused opportunities for House System involvement throughout the school year.

Work with the Leadership Team on a plan to reach out to families of the Parish Religious Education program for scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

Work with teachers on how to utilize the technology from distance learning for classroom instructions and build an effective distance learning program for future planning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Miguel Solis and Dr. Lisa Zamora for the tremendous work they carried out at Sacred Hearts School and wish them well as they continue the new chapter of their professional career in Education. I would also like to thank our Pastor, Fr. Joseph Pathylil for his payers and support during the transition of leadership at Sacred Hearts School.

Sacred Hearts School’s legacy lives on because of the dedication and commitment of the many parts that contribute to the success and well-being of the whole. I look forward to the work we will carry out together to strengthen the tradition and mission of Catholic education at Sacred Hearts School.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mrs. Tonata Lolesio