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At Sacred Hearts School, we believe that a quality education should be available to all children.  Lack of financial resources should never stand in the way. Tuition assistance awarded to students is based on need and available funds. Financial aid is not a loan and thus, doesn’t require repayment. 

Tuition assistance funds are made possible through the generosity of local and national organizations and companies, as well as loving individuals who have graciously provided donations to Sacred Hearts School in order to support students and families who have been impacted by the Lahaina fires that devastated our community in August 2023.

Enrolled families with the intention of applying for financial aid for the 2024-2025 year: You will be required to complete a formal financial aid application administered by a third-party provider. The forms, due dates, tax returns and additional information are required and verified in order to qualify for financial aid. Applications for financial aid will have a determined application period and all applications and documents must be submitted prior to the deadline. 

*Begin preparing your documents now. In order to qualify for financial aid, you may be required to provide the following documentation or additional information to support your application. Without documentation, families will not be eligible to receive financial aid. 

  • Taxes: 1040’s with all schedules, 1099, K-1 (Form 1065), S corporation
  • Bank statements: all savings and checking accounts
  • Mortgage/rent information
  • Investment information: 529, 401(k), 403(b)
  • Unemployment statements/paychecks
  • FEMA/Red Cross forms indicating assistance received

Sacred Hearts School will host two Financial Aid workshops in January to provide in-person assistance to our enrolled families. The schedule of workshops will be provided following enrollment completion. 

Additional Financial Aid Opportunities:

Financial Aid From Kamehameha Schools

Children of Hawaiian ancestry may be eligible for financial aid while attending Sacred Hearts School, through a program provided by Kamehameha Schools.  Go to www.ksbe/edu/finaid and look under Preschoolers then Pauahi, or K-12 and then Kipona. This program is administered by Kamehameha Schools.  Please check their website for more information.

Open Doors

Need help paying for Pre-school? 'Preschool Open Doors (POD) promotes school readiness by providing child care subsidies to eligible families for the year prior to kindergarten. The Department of Human Services (DHS) contracts with PATCH to run the program. The DHS administers the program.' Please visit to apply today.

Child Care Connection Hawaii

'For families with children under the age of 13 years, the CCCH program provides subsidies to help pay for a variety of legal child care settings including:  care provided in the child’s home, care by relatives or friends in their home, before and after school programs, and preschools.'  Please visit to apply today.