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online ticket sales are now closed. You can still purchase tickets at the event.







Each class ELC through High School rehearsed daily for this special event.  This event opened to our Sacred Hearts School 'ohana and their guests. It was outdoors on the school's open field. The performances took place on the Koraleski Kahua stage. 

This year we will continue this new tradition. Ho'ike Luau packages are now available for sponsorships AND purchases now through April 27th. All purchases OR sponsorships must now be done through our website under GIVING. 

Ho'ike Lu'au Package Purchase

Each Sacred Hearts School family is obligated to fulfill their script commitment by purchasing a Ho'ike Luau package. The Ho'ike Luau package starts at $150 for one student plus two family members. $25 for each additional student or family member. Please enter the number of family members attending AND the name and grade of the student(s) in the comment section of your online purchase. 

Ho'ike Lu'au Package Sponsorship 

Share the SHS Ho'ike Lu'au Sponsorship link with families and friends. They can go to the school’s website to sponsor an SHS family to attend and help fulfill their Script obligation. They can donate with the online form and, in the comment section, indicate the name(s) and grade(s) of the student they are sponsoring.  

Families With Students Performing on Both Nights

A family with children performing on both nights can purchase one Ho'ike Luau package and attend both performances. Food is NOT included if attending an additional night, unless you purchase another Ho'ike Luau package. In the Comments Section please indicate if you will be attending both nights . The purchase of one Ho'ike Luau package includes a "Best of the Bazaar Grinds Buffet" per person.​ This option is only for families with children performing on both nights.