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Ke Kula Kamali'i Pu'uwai provides a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where keiki are active participants in school life.  Children will be encouraged to explore, create, question, think, solve problems, communicate and socialize with the teachers and other students.

Areas of focus:  
Language Arts
Books, finger puppet plays and poems, introduction to letters, writing, drawing, listening, sharing.

Comparing, counting, sorting, measuring, patterning, calendar activities, basic adding and subtracting, balancing.

Building, growing, observing, recording and weather activities.

Social Studies
Self, family, community, national cultures, holidays.

Numbers, letters, simple words, and multi-celebration songs.

Colors, shapes, textures in a hands-on variety of media creative crafts.

Listening, dancing, singing, playing instruments, rhythm.

Dress-up, role playing, puppetry, performing.

Based on the principles of equality and social justice, we will read Bible stories, learn about Jesus' teachings of love, celebrate Christmas and Easter, attend church services and perform community service.

Large Motor Skills
Running, jumping, climbing, balancing, riding, kicking, throwing and catching.

Small Motor Skills
Puzzles, blocks, cutting, pasting, gluing  and a variety of manipulatives.

Social Skills
Express emotions, recognize and describe own feelings,  communication, negotiation skills, develop friendship and respect self and others.