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Parent - Student Handbook


Excellence In Education - Foundations For Life

Sacred Hearts School

239 Dickenson Street, Lahaina, HI 96761

Phone: School Office (808) 661-4720 / Early Learning Center (808) 662-8689

Fax: (808) 667-5363



Table of Contents

TOPIC                                        PAGE

Acknowledgements and Disclaimer

Principal's Message             6

Philosophy Statement          6

Goals of Catholic Education                                                7

Mission and Vision Statements, Theme and Sacred Hearts School Slogan                                    8

Sacred Hearts School Alma Mater                                      9

Student Learning Expectations - HEARTS   10


School Hours & Dismissal 11

Snack and Lunches & Medications 12

Wellness Policy       14


Non-Discrimination Statement 15

Admission 15

Application and Registration Procedures 16

Finalizing Registration 16

Access to Records   16


Tuition and Fees         17

Tuition Assistance 17

Tuition Payment Options   17

Refunds   18

Contractual Financial Obligations 18


Grading System    19

Student Evaluation 19

Quarterly Report Cards      19

Explanation of Letter Grades     20

Explanation of Conduct Marks      20

Explanation of Effort Marks      20

Explanation of Grades for Enrichment Classes    21

Student Service Programs 21

Responsibility for One's Own Work 21

Academic Probation 21

Parent / Teacher Conferences 22

Communication 22


Honor Roll Requirements 23

Promotion / Retention Policy     23



Table of Contents

TOPIC                                        PAGE


Code of Christian Conduct 24

Parent - Teacher Guild 25


General Conduct &  School Rules 26

Bullying 27

Consequences and/or Intervention 27

Probation 28

Suspension 28

Expulsion 28

Discipline 28

Search and Seizure 28

Jurisdiction 28


Dress Code 29

Uniforms 29

Shoes and Socks 29

Shirts 29

Shorts and Belts 30

Physical Education Uniforms 30

Sweatshirts 30

Free Dress Days 30


Hair 31

Jewelry and Make-Up 31

Tattoos 31

Swimwear 31


Health and Medical Requirements 32

Emergency Procedures and Safety 32

Fire & Tsunami Drills 32

Inclement Weather 33

Civil Defense 33

Emergency Phone Numbers 33


Table of Contents

TOPIC                                        PAGE


Attendance/Absences 34

Extended Absences 34

Making Up Missed Work       34

Early Dismissal 35

Tardiness 35

Field Trips/Excursions and Lahaina Walks      35

Homework Policy       36

Telephone Messages 36

Lockers (Grades 6-8)              36

Visiting During School Hours      36

Standardized Testing    37

Birthday and Class Parties     37

School Newsletter 37

Sacramental Obligations 38

Continuing Religious Formation for Parents 38

Counseling Opportunities and Expectations 38

Extracurricular Activities 38

Retreats   39

Use of School Facilities and Grounds  39

Safe Environment Program  39

Appendix                             40



We would like to thank you for selecting Ke Kula Kamali’i Pu’uwai La’a (ELC) and Sacred Hearts School as the co-educators of your child(ren). In choosing a Catholic school, you are investing in an education rich in tradition. We are dedicated to integrating the message of Jesus Christ’s love with learning and living a full and purposeful life.

Here your child(ren) will discover the difference a Catholic education makes in his or her life. We expect that the Mission, Philosophy and Student Learning Expectations are consistent with the outcomes you desire and seek for your child during these formative years. All of us thank you for your commitment to and investment in your child’s education.

Peace be with you and may God continue to bless us all! Faculty, Staff and Administration



In every school it is necessary for certain policies and procedures to be established if the school is to function effectively. The efficiency of and harmony within a school community depends upon each member clearly understanding his or her responsibilities and expectations.

The purpose of this Handbook is primarily to serve as a guidebook of information for parents, students and teachers of the school. No one is required to memorize its content but everyone is asked to be familiar with it and use it as a reference.

Our school voluntarily complies with the provisions of the Buckley Amendment. Non-custodial parents will be given access to unofficial copies of student records and teachers will be available to discuss the student’s progress unless a court order stating otherwise is filed with the school.

Sacred Hearts School is a non-discriminatory educational institution and employer.

This handbook is intended to describe the philosophy, services, and structure of the school’s educational program. The administration retains the right to amend the handbook for just cause. The principal is the final interpreter of the content of this handbook.


A Message From Our Principal…

Aloha and welcome to Sacred Hearts School!

This Parent and Student Handbook is a guide of our school policies and mission of continual improvement in our learning and achievements. As principal, I look forward to working with you all to help achieve these goals. My prayer for the year is that we each find inspiration in the work we do as students, parents, faculty and staff. We are each blessed with many gifts and seeing them shared throughout the school year is a joyous reward for our individual and collective efforts. By working together on common goals, the vision of sustaining Sacred Hearts School as a sacred place of learning will be met.

Our goal as a Catholic school is to create an environment where students encounter Christ every day. Those encounters come through the relationships that our students form with the teachers and staff, other students, and the larger community. Those encounters with Christ may take place during class time, recess, Mass, academic competitions, service projects, sporting events, or other extra-curricular activities.  Whatever the circumstance or setting may be, we try to cultivate an environment in which each student is recognized and treasured as a child of God.

Sacred Hearts School has been serving the Maui community since 1862. We take pride in providing excellent academic instruction in a family-centered environment that is built upon the strong spiritual foundation of our Catholic values. Students in preschool through eighth grade are taught to respect the past, be challenged by the present, and hope in and serve the future. As the principal of Sacred Hearts School, I am confident that we are preparing our students to make a difference in our community and in our world.

We all have special gifts and talents, let’s highlight them. It is through the generous contributions of many parents, parishioners, and supporters of Catholic education that we are able to continue the mission of Sacred Hearts School and it is through Christ that we derive all of the energy we need to continue our educational work. There are many wonderful things happening here and I look forward to a year of spiritual and academic growth so we can go forth and further elevate our school!

With Gratitude, Dr. Miguel Solis

Principal, 2019-2020



Along with the parents of our students who are the children’s first teachers, the Sacred Hearts School and Ke Kula Kamali’i Pu’uwai La’a (ELC) faculty and staff are committed in genuine partnership with them. To “teach as Jesus did” is our calling as educators. Sacred Hearts School is a small Catholic school providing a faith-based education to students in pre-school through eighth grade. At Sacred Hearts School, we combine current technology, diverse teaching techniques, and a contemporary curriculum in a traditional Catholic setting. Our approach to learning is to nurture the whole student: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. At Sacred Hearts School, we believe that Gospel values and faith give today’s students the fortitude to rise above tomorrow’s challenges.

We believe that each child is born with a gift. As teachers, it is our role to reveal that gift and inspire our children to flourish and reach their full potential. We believe that children learn best when they are engaged, being challenged, and having fun. Our keiki need room to express themselves creatively in order to thrive. We support our children in strengthening their faith. We teach our students to reach for the stars. We cultivate a learning environment where students can pursue and develop their gifts and their passions and emerge as confident, vibrant, happy young adults. At Sacred Hearts School, children gain not only the knowledge they need academically but also the knowledge of who they are as human beings. We pass our passion for learning and our passion for living onto our students in the hope that we both inspire and guide them to becoming loving, caring, successful adults.



Sacred Hearts School is a Catholic school which views itself as an important part of a larger living faith community committed to the goals of a Catholic Education. At Sacred Hearts School and Ke Kula Kamali’i Pu’uwai La’a, instruction in Catholic religious truths and values are an integral part of the school program. Religion functions are the underlying reality in which the students’ relationship with God and the experiences of learning and living achieve their deepest meaning, to do as Jesus did.

Goals – Sacred Hearts School shows its commitment to the goals of Catholic education in the following areas:

Religious/Spiritual – The religious/spiritual goal is to foster a closer relationship with God. We strive to develop spirituality and prayer in our students so they will be able to draw from their Christian values throughout their lives.

Intellectual – The intellectual goals are to develop the students’ potential in their academic abilities and to imbue the students with the desire to become lifelong learners.

Psychological – The psychological goal is focused on developing the whole child. We are concerned with an awareness of the students’ individuality and the development of the students’ self-confidence.

Sociological – The sociological goal is to assist our students in becoming responsible and competent members of society.

Physical – The physical goal is to promote a healthy mind and a healthy body through the use of motor skills, healthy nutrition and general fitness.

Aesthetic – The aesthetic goals show our students how to appreciate all of God’s beauty around us and to emphasize the students’ creativity through the arts.



The Mission of Sacred Hearts School community is to provide excellence in education and to nurture a life of prayer, faith, and service in the Catholic tradition.

“The mission of Catholic education in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu is to form children who are nourished spiritually, intellectually, and liturgically to share the presence of Christ in the world.

Our Catholic educational institutions are obligated by our faith to shape our youth by immersing students in curriculum and experiences rooted in Catholic teaching and doctrine with emphasis on morality and Christian character building.   This formation paired with 21st Century academics and teaching methods are critical for success at any Catholic educational institution in Hawaii.

Each family has choices in the education and faith formation of their children. We expect all families who have chosen to enroll their children in Sacred Hearts School to share fully in the light of Christ and to cooperate and support the mission and activities of Catholic School education in the Diocese of Honolulu.”


A place where children walk with God,

on their journey of learning about themselves and their world.



“Peace Be With You!”




“Excellence In Education - Foundations For Life”



O wherever we will go And whatever we will do

Our loyalty and our love for our God Will always be true

And no matter where our paths may lead Our spirits will never part

The joyful times and the friends we have made At good ol’ Sacred Hearts

Today we can only  dream Of the gifts tomorrow will bring

All the things that we learn this day Will teach our hearts to sing

O wherever we will go And whatever we will do

Our loyalty and our love for our God Will always be true

And no matter where our paths may lead Our spirits will never part

The joyful times and the friends we have made At good ol’ Sacred Hearts

At good ol’ Sacred Hearts At good ol’ Sacred Hearts

(Alma Mater was composed by Ben Uyetake, a former teacher at Sacred Hearts School, 1991.)



H             Help My Community

Identify problems and explore solutions for the good of the whole community

Analyze and evaluate creatively

Be able to research and interpret information

Apply prior knowledge and demonstrate perseverance

Adapt to changing conditions

Appreciate different points of view and perspectives

E           Excellence… Strive For It!

Are motivated by a quest for knowledge

Continually build upon their foundation of the academic subjects

Develop their potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Set priorities, access and utilize resources, and evaluate their progress

Develop organizational and study skills

A            Able To Work Independently and As A Team

Are able to share ideas clearly in oral and written form using proper grammar/mechanics

Meet standards of work with punctuality and completeness

Fulfill responsibilities and strive for agreement when working in groups

Be confident in asking questions when the goals of learning need clarification

Practice offering compassionate and relevant feedback to team members

Appreciate and take time to reflect on feedback to team members

R            Remain Committed To My Faith

Have a solid foundation and knowledge of the Catholic faith

Participate in Catholic prayer, Mass and fellowship in our school community

Serve church, family, school, community and the world at large

Demonstrate the courage of one’s belief and live out God’s teaching in daily lives

Respect one another and themselves while growing in love & faith

T            Think Before I Act

Articulate their ideas clearly in oral and written form using proper grammar and mechanics

Listen attentively (using their heart, eyes and ears)

Can recognize, understand and use nonverbal communication

Develop skills to speak publicly with confidence and poise

Responsibly use technology

S             Show Respect For All

Perpetuate peace and social justice

Be aware of current events/world affairs and the effect on life

Respect & develop a sense of stewardship

Actively help those in need

Are responsible for their own choices and actions




Early Learning Center 7:30AM-5:00PM

Kindergarten 7:40AM-2:00PM (Wednesdays 7:40AM-1:00PM) Grades 1-8 7:40AM-2:15PM (Wednesdays 7:40AM-1:15PM)

School Office Hours: 7:30AM- 2:30PM

School Office telephone: (808) 661-4720

Early Learning Center telephone: (808) 662-8689

Fax: (808) 667-5363


Faculty email: first initial and last name (no spaces)


Students are to be dropped off and picked up at the designated area: the parking lot directly across from Maria Lanakila Church on Waineʻe Street. For safety reasons, students are NOT to be dropped off or picked up at either driveway on Dickenson Street at any time. The safety of our children is our main concern.

The parking lot of the Maui Jim building is NOT the designated area for pick up. Every year these businesses complain that Sacred Hearts School parents maneuver dangerously in the Maui Jim parking lot occupying stalls that their clients need.






Teachers and/or parents are on duty for the safety of the children. All adults and children are to follow the direction of the Crossing Guard. You are to cross only with their supervision while they are on duty. Every morning a volunteer assists the children in crossing the crosswalk in front of the church. IF FOR SOME REASON THERE IS NO ADULT, PLEASE ASSIST YOUR OWN CHILD ACROSS

WAINE’E STREET. Students are NEVER to cross Honoapi’ilani Highway at the Dickenson Street intersection.

Ke Kula Kamali’i Pu’uwai La’a – Park in the parking lot across from Maria Lanakila Church and escort your child to the preschool. For safety reasons, students are NOT to be dropped off or picked up at either driveway on Dickenson Street at any time. Drop off time begins at 7:30AM; Junior Kindergarten (4yr olds) must arrive no later than 8:00AM. And the three year-olds please arrive no later than 9:00 AM. You may park in the teacher parking lot ONLY AFTER 3:00PM to pick-up your child. School ends at 5:00PM. There is a late fee charge of $5.00 per minute after 5:00PM. If you know you will be late, please make arrangements to have your child picked up by an authorized person.

The Kindergarten class is dismissed at 2:00PM and 1:00PM on Wednesdays. The teacher or aide will supervise all Kindergarten students in front of the church until their parent or guardian picks them up.

Students in Grades 1-8 are dismissed at 2:15PM and 1:15PM on Wednesdays. When the supervising teachers finish their crossing duty, any students still waiting for their ride will be brought to the school office to wait for pick-up. If a child has not been picked up by 2:30PM, he or she will be sent to After- School Care. For your child’s safety, no student will be left unsupervised in front of the church or in the parking lot.


A well-documented trend of obesity in the United States is directly related to one’s home socialization and eating habits. At Sacred Hearts School, we strive to educate the children about their physical bodies and how their health is connected to their intellectual and emotional well-being. We do not promote the intake of sugar-laden diets or that of processed snacks, which are predominately comprised of “empty calories.”

Healthy snacks are available for sale in the cafeteria during small recess (9:30-9:45AM). Students are allowed to bring healthy snacks from home. A water cooler is available in the cafeteria for bottled water refills. The following foods are not allowed at school; soda pop, candy, sweets and gum. We discourage processed snacks such as bags of chips, cookies, etc. Occasionally, ice milk/low fat frozen treats or healthy cookies will be given or sold.



All food is to be eaten in the cafeteria. Students are expected to clean the areas they use in the cafeteria and help wipe tables. Student monitors are expected to sweep and wipe tables/seats after use. Composting for our school garden is a priority.

School lunches are available to all students. Penne Pasta Café provides healthy, preservative free lunches to our students. A lunch menu and meal plan order form will be provided each month and will also be posted on the school website. Students may bring a healthy, nutritious home lunch. Fast Food” lunches are discouraged. The office will phone parents if a child’s home lunch contains sugar- laden snacks and will request that the snacks be reserved for after school consumption.

Families wishing to apply for the Free & Reduced Lunch Program may do so at the beginning, or during the school year. Applications are available in the school office.

Any child that is LACTOSE INTOLERANT must have a doctor signed medical declaration form on file with the school. Forms are available in the school office. A simple note from the parent/guardian is not acceptable.


Administering medication must be done through the school office. Medication is to be kept in the school office in a doctor’s prescribed container labeled with the student’s name.

Please alert the office of any known allergies. It is the parental responsibility to supply medication that would be used as a remedy to an allergic reaction.

Should a severe allergic reaction occur, the parents will immediately be called and 911 will be called if needed.

For more information please refer to “X. Medical & Emergency Policies & Requirements” on page 32.



The Wellness Policy supports the mission of Sacred Hearts School. The school community recognizes that a poor diet, combined with the lack of physical activity has a negative impact on student’s health and the ability to learn both short-term and long range.

The National Catholic Education Association statement on Accountability and Assessment in Catholic Education states that: “We hold a sacred trust to educate and form the whole person, mind, body and spirit.” As Catholic educators, we believe in providing consistent school activities and an environment in which students can learn to make lifestyle choices that promote their healthy futures.

The Wellness Policy of Sacred Hearts School is to:

Provide a positive environment and appropriate knowledge of healthy food choices and the benefits of daily physical activity that:

Ensures that students have access to healthy food choices and safe physical activities at school and at school functions;

Provides a pleasant eating environment and secure playground for students;

Allows sufficient time for students to eat lunch and to engage in social activities for physical fitness prior to consuming meals;

Enables students through a comprehensive health and physical education curricula to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy food and physical activity choices for a lifetime.

Reduce student access to foods of minimal nutritional value through a five year plan that focuses on and:

Ensures the integrity of the school lunch program by discouraging food and beverage sales that are in conflict with the lunch program;

Encourages teachers, students and parents to make healthy, nutritious food choices when food is used as part of a class or student incentive program, curricular lesson or fundraiser;

Practices selective pricing that favors sales of healthy foods over unhealthy food choices.

Food and beverages sold or served at school will meet or exceed the nutrition recommendations of the United States Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Provide opportunities for school community involvement in the development, review, assessment and implementation of Sacred Hearts School Wellness Policy and to ensure that this

Policy in being met.

A school committee shall utilize surveys and other sources of evaluation to identify priority areas, monitor improvements and report findings to the school principal or his/her designee annually.




Sacred Hearts School is a non-discriminatory educational institution regarding gender, race, creed, ethnic origin and special needs. Admission to Sacred Hearts School is a privilege and is based in part on the school’s ability to serve the child effectively with the resources available to the school.


The Hawaii Education Law now requires all children entering any school in the State for the first time to meet certain health requirements (HRS Chapters 302A). In addition, new students entering Sacred Hearts School and Ke Kula Kamali’i Pu’uwai La’a are asked to submit the following:

Birth Certificate

Baptismal Certificate (if Catholic)

TB Clearance is mandatory before a student can attend school in the state of Hawaii. A TB skin test must be administered and the results must be given to the school administrator prior to any student attending ANY school in the State of Hawaii. A TB clearance is also mandatory for ELC parents. The TB skin test must be administered, and the results must be given to the school ELC Director.

Complete Health Examination Record (Form 14) and Early Childhood Pre-K Health Record Supplement (DHS 908) to prove that all physical and required immunizations have been completed or a signed statement from a physician or medical clinic to prove that the child is receiving this care. In this case the law allows 90 days (3 months) to complete all medical requirements. After that time an official notice will be sent home stating that the child is not qualified to attend school.

A physical exam must be completed prior to starting school.

A copy of the most recent report card and standardized test results are to be submitted.

Custody Issues - If an existing custody matter is in effect for your child, provide the school office with a copy of any paperwork that a Family Court has issued you. If the office does not have this information stored in your child’s confidential file, we are not able to assist in being compliant with the court directives.



During the month of January, parents are asked to pre-register their children for the coming school year. Registration Fees are payable at the time of registration and must accompany the registration contract in order to reserve a space in the class for the coming school year.

All new students are required to take an entrance examination ($50.00). Academic performance is heavily considered in determining acceptance into Sacred Hearts School. All things being equal, the child’s name is put on a waiting list and enrollment is filled according to:

Sibling in school


Put on waiting list only after classes fill up


All parents, new and returning are asked to submit the following information at the time of registration:

Completion of all necessary Application and/or Registration Forms, Contracts and payment of the Registration Fee. New parents are required to sign up with FACTS, a Tuition Management Company for tuition payments.

Submit completed Medical Forms. Parents and/or guardians are asked to update their child’s Health Examination Record Cards (Form 14) when their child’s health status changes or when vaccinations are updated.


Your child’s academic records are maintained with the strictest confidentiality.

Notification in writing must be made 24 hours prior to viewing your child’s official school records. As laws dictate, we are required to give equal access to school records to a child’s parents and non- custodial parents as long as the proper procedure is met. In case of a court restraining order to withhold access of a child’s records to his or her parent, a copy of that order must be sent to the office and the principal notified. Any other pertinent information should be current and brought to the principal’s attention.




Tuition, Registration Fees, and Book Fees are determined annually. Included in the Registration Fees are the following: Hawaii Catholic School Fees, Accreditation Fees, Standardized Testing Fees and materials,  subject/unit  testing,  student  insurance,  etc.   The  Book  fee  is  included  in  the  tuition  and includes use of hardcover textbooks (parents are financially responsible for replacing damaged textbooks); consumable texts and workbooks; daily planner (K-5); special events program materials; educational magazines; newsletters and in primary grades specific instructional supplies.  Technology equipment on loan to the student from the school which includes, ipads, chromebooks, etc.

There is an 8th grade fee of $300 which includes purchases for class t-shirts, graduation expenses, retreats and other exclusive 8th grade incentives for their culminating year.


The following sources of financial assistance are available:

Augustine Educational Foundation Scholarship- Apply on-line only through TADS

Sacred Hearts School Endowment / The Koraleski Foundation

Maria Lanakila Catholic Church Parish Scholarship Fund

Open Doors (Early Learning Center Only) & Kamehameha School, apply directly through them.


As set forth by the Diocese of Honolulu for all Hawaii Catholic Schools, parents are required to sign up with FACTS, a Tuition Management Company for the collection of all tuition payments. Three payment options were set up for your convenience:

Option 1: One payment in full at the time of enrollment or by July 20th, (FACTS enrollment fee will be waived).

Option 2: Three (3) payments, 1st payment in August, November and the balance paid in March (a one-time FACTS enrollment fee of $10 will be charged + $150 Payment Plan Fee).

Option 3: Monthly payments, 12 monthly payments from July thru June will be managed by FACTS. You may choose either a deduction from you checking account or pay by credit card (MC, VISA, Discover or AMEX), an additional 2.85% monthly service fee will be added to all credit card transactions. (A one-time FACTS enrollment fee of $41 will be charged + $300 Payment Plan Fee).

All payment plans must be paid in full by the end of the school year. Any delinquencies will result in enrollment for the following year denied until payment in full has been received. The school retains the right of contracting a third-party collection of debt options.

ALL 8th grade students must have their payment plans paid in full the week before their graduation or the student will not “walk the line” in the commencement exercises. No exceptions.



Registration/School Fees are non-refundable. Students who are expelled for administrative or behavioral reasons will not be permitted a tuition refund; all others will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Those who have any unpaid balances at the end of the school year must pay in cash, cashier’s check, or money order prior to receiving their child’s records or re-entry into the school.

At any time in the year, any returned check charges will be collected by the school office.

Students who leave after the first or second quarter has started must pay for that quarter. No refunds are given if a student leaves at any time after the end of the first semester in December. No refunds are given for any Registration fees, Book fees or PTG dues.

*Fundraisers: For fundraising purposes, the intention is to raise money for a specific goal or objective. If the family or student leaves the school for “X” reason, the fundraised money will not be available for a refund.


REGISTRATION                                      DUE DATES

ELC - $375  Registration Fee  per child                                          At time of registration

SHS - $150  Registration Fee  per child                                          At time of registration


TUITION (Payment Options 1, 2, or 3)


$ 6,000.00

Part-time Tuition – PTG Dues are included (M/W/F: 7:30AM to 5:00PM) *Only Applies for 3 Year old Program that turn 3yrs old by July 31st.


$ 7,300.00

Full-time Tuition – PTG Dues are included (M-F: 7:30AM to 5:00PM)

K – 5th


(1st child in these grades) Includes Book Fees & PTG Dues

K – 5th


(2nd child in these grades) Includes Book Fees

K – 5th


(3rd child in these grades) Includes Book Fees

6th – 8th


(1st child in these grades) Includes Book Fees & PTG Dues


6th-8th            $7450        (3rd Child in these grades)  Includes Book Fees

6th – 8th


(2nd child in these grades) Includes Book Fees


BAZAAR                                     April 2020

$150 Bazaar Scrip per family

$ 30 each additional sibling enrolled

*A fine of $500 will be charged for failure to work Bazaar shifts


HEARTS Hours                                  August - May 2020

20 hrs. per family

30 hrs. per family with 2 or more children

*Families will be charged $10/hr for any hours not volunteered



GRADING SYSTEM - Basic Criteria

Grades are issued on a quarterly basis for individual subject matter and will be based on these specific areas:


Alternate Forms of Assessment such as research papers, projects, science logs, etc.

In-class Assignments

Class Participation/Attendance


Conduct and Effort both in class and outside of class (halls, playground, assemblies, lunchroom, Mass, etc.)

STUDENT EVALUATION - Communicating with Parents and Students

The student’s progress in the achievement of the Hawaii Catholic Schools’ subject objectives, along with character development that is age-appropriate, shall be evaluated and reported to students and parents each quarter. The outcome of these evaluations shall be promotion, make-up work, remediation or tutoring, counseling, retention, or transfer. Check Gradelink regularly for your child’s ongoing record of assignments and grades that are posted by their teacher. There is a link to Gradelink on our school website.

At any time during the school year, a teacher may send home a report of deficiency in any subject, including the areas of the Enrichment Classes (Hawaiian Studies, Art, Music, Computer, and Physical Education  (P.E.).  Teachers  must  send  notice  of  below  average  work/performance  if  there  is  a possibility of a D or F grade or of a 1 or 2 for the quarter or semester report card. No failing grade (D or F, or a NI=Needs Improvement) is given on a report card unless the parents/guardians have been notified with a deficiency report, a Gradelink failing grade posted, or an email or phone call from the teacher. If the parents/guardians cannot be reached, documentation of the teacher’s attempt to contact them will suffice. Such documentation will be placed in the student’s personal file.


Kindergarten through Third Grade

The report card consists of the following indicators:

O = Outstanding : Student is able to provide evidence of going beyond what was taught

G = Good : Student is able to independently meet grade level expectations

S = Satisfactory: Student needed small group assistance or re-teaching to reach grade level expectations

NI = Needs Improvement : Student required individual teacher support to meet the grade level expectation

Fourth through Eighth Grade Marks

A = 93 – 100%

B+ = 90 – 92%

B = 87 – 89%

B- = 85 – 86%

C+ = 80 – 84%

C = 75 – 79%

C- = 70 – 74%

D = 65 – 69%

F = 64% and below



The following grading policy determines the letter grade:

A – Excellent: Indicates outstanding achievement. Student consistently does more than is required. The student learns rapidly, is creative, articulate, logical, and assumes active leadership in learning activities.

B – Very Good based on (+ or – marks): Indicates above-average achievement; may do more than required, demonstrates an above-average interest and initiative.

C – Average (+ or – marks): Indicates average achievement; does assigned work in an acceptable manner and has satisfactory knowledge of the material; does the required amount of work and shows average interest and initiative in classroom activities.

D – Passing (+ or – marks):  Indicates minimum achievement or below-average work. Often, the student does not complete all assigned work, shows little interest or initiative.

F – Failure: Indicates that quantity and /or quality of work remains far below what is expected and is not considered adequate for credit.

M – Missing: This work should be made up within a reasonable period of time after returning to school if an extended absence has occurred or based on teacher discretion.



O = Outstanding

G = Good

S = Satisfactory

NI = Needs Improvement

Student is able to:

Respect the rights of others

Respect property of others

Respect opinion of others

Respect authority

Show courtesy

Cooperate with others

Accepts responsibility

Follow school rules

Follow dress code



O = Outstanding : Student is able to provide evidence of going beyond what was taught

G = Good : Student is able to independently meet grade level expectations

S = Satisfactory: Student needed small group assistance or re-teaching to reach grade level expectations

NI = Needs Improvement : Student required individual teacher support to meet the grade level expectation



The students attend their Enrichment Classes only once a week. The teachers use the same grading criteria that the core subject teachers use (see Grading System - Basic Criteria).

O = Outstanding

G = Good

S = Satisfactory

NI = Needs Improvement


Sacred Hearts School requires participation in service projects through the Religion classes as required by each homeroom teacher. The service required is developmentally appropriate by grade level.


Sacred Heart's Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and to encourage other students to do the same. Cheating and plagiarism will be dealt with as serious offenses. Consequences range from zero on the work, parent conferences, and possible dismissal from Sacred Hearts School.

Cheating: Taking or giving unauthorized assistance on homework, a test or assignment. Examples: copying another student’s work, homework, or test answers, giving another student one’s work or homework to copy, giving another student the answers to an exam.

Plagiarism: Using someone else’s work or ideas without giving credit to the originator. Examples: copying material from a book or an Internet site for an essay without citing the source of the material.


All new students are automatically considered “on academic probation” for the First Quarter of school or the first ten weeks of their enrollment. Behavior Probation is also automatic for all new students.

Veteran students are placed on academic probation as a result of their lack of progress with regards to class work at any report card period. It is the responsibility of the student to seek tutoring with his/her teacher or independent tutor to redeem academic status.

Probation is reviewed quarterly whether it is for behavior or academics. Any student receiving three D’s or an F in a given quarter for any subject will be placed on Academic Probation for the following quarter. If improvement is not made, a single “F” in a core subject may result in the student’s dismissal from Sacred Hearts School. After being on probation, two or more “D’s” on the following quarter’s report card will result in a continuation of Academic Probation.



The principal, in conjunction with the applicable teachers, will review the scholastic record of a student who has repeatedly been on Academic Probation and provide an individual pupil progress plan if the student is allowed to remain enrolled.

The principal makes the final decision regarding a student’s dismissal. The pastor will be informed of all dismissals. Dismissal based on academics ordinarily will occur at the end of the academic year. However, students who have demonstrated the inability or unwillingness to meet the high standards of Sacred Hearts School will be subject to dismissal upon any quarterly evaluation. Normally, students will not be academically dismissed without the benefit of Academic Probation being assessed for the prior quarter. Unacceptable social behavior is also grounds for dismissal.


Students Grades K-8: At the end of the First Quarter there is a mandatory Parent-Teacher conference. These conferences provide the opportunity to discuss your child's report card, attitudes, values and academics, to acknowledge and encourage each of the child’s strengths, to set realistic goals to overcome weaknesses and to explain the grading and/or rating system used.

Ke Kula Kamali’i Pu’uwai La’a (ELC): A mandatory Parent-Teacher conference is held once a year in November.

Academic success for all students is the end-goal at Sacred Hearts School. If a conference is requested to discuss any concerns a parent or teacher may have, the office will assist in scheduling a meeting time as quickly and conveniently as possible.


If a problem or issue arises at school, the parents should contact the classroom teacher or whichever teacher is most associated with that area. If the parent and the teacher cannot resolve the problem or issue, then the principal will be asked to meet with those involved. Parents may make an appointment to meet with a teacher by sending a note into school, emailing the teacher, or calling the school office. Every attempt will be made to meet with you as soon as possible. Teacher communication with parents may be in the form of a phone call, email, informal note or a specific school form. Professional email addresses are available to parents.

Visitors - All visitors including parents to Sacred Hearts School are required to sign in and out in the VISITOR LOG located in the school office. Visitor passes must be worn.

★ Tours of the school are made by appointment ONLY. Please contact the school office.




Grade Four is the first-time students receive alpha grades in the core subjects and the first time Honor Roll awards are distributed.

Principal’s List GPA of 4.0

High Honors GPA of 3.7 – 3.99

Honors GPA of 3.3 – 3.69

A student’s “enrichment class” grades and their “conduct and/or effort” marks are considered in the awarding of Honor Roll status. If a student earns a conduct/effort mark of 1 or 2 in any area, he or she will be denied an Honor Roll Certificate for that grading period.


The marks, grades and other assignments a student receives shall be related to the extent of the student mastering the objectives established for the student’s grade level. A passing grade hinges on the student’s mastering the minimum objectives in the major subject areas. The major subject areas for the purpose of deciding promotion or retention shall be Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and Religion. Religion is a considered a core subject (Hawaii Catholic School Department, Diocesan Education Policy Manual, March 30, 1999).

Under normal circumstances, by mid-term in the 3rd Quarter, parents will be notified that there may be a possibility of retention. In most cases, specific conditions will be given and available options will be discussed with the child’s parents, teacher and the principal in an effort to promote the student to the next grade level. This procedure will be followed in most cases. However, when circumstances dictate, a child will be retained for lack of performance over the final two quarters.




As parents, you are the primary educators of your child. By enrolling your child at Sacred Hearts School, you are choosing its programs and curriculum over those available at other schools. In the spirit of subsidiarity (support), if you have a complaint which you believe is important to communicate, speak to the person with whom you have the complaint. If it is a concern related to the classroom, address this concern at a pre-arranged meeting with the classroom teacher. If the complaint is not resolved, talk with the principal or you may then speak with the pastor. If you feel the complaint is still not resolved you may send your signed and dated complaint in writing to the Superintendent of Hawaii Catholic Schools.

If you lose confidence in Sacred Hearts School programs and curriculum or if you find yourself in dispute with its staff and administration, we respect your right to enroll your child elsewhere. In that event, please contact the principal to discuss your concerns before making a final decision. Similarly, if the administration of Sacred Hearts concludes that you are not supportive of the School’s programs and curriculum or that you have become antagonistic towards its staff or other members of the School community, the principal will contact you to discuss these concerns and if they cannot be satisfactorily resolved, we will encourage you to make arrangements for the education of your child elsewhere.

Students are taught to conduct themselves as young Christians, striving to fulfill the commandment of Christ to love themselves and one another. It is within this Christian atmosphere that Sacred Hearts School asks each student to be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIVE, RESPONSIBLE AND RESOURCEFUL. At Sacred Hearts School it is the norm to seek peace and justice in all our actions. What we expect of the students we also expect of the parents.

An important part of education is to teach self-discipline by guiding and allowing the student to make choices, while emphasizing that he or she is accountable for the results of his or her choice. Cooperation between the school and the parents regarding student accountability is essential. Your child’s teacher is always available to discuss questions or problems which may arise. It is sometimes necessary for the school to take a firm stand on certain issues, especially when the child’s behavior infringes on the rights of others.

Sacred Hearts students respect themselves and others and have pride in their school. Any student who acts in a manner, which reflects negatively upon the reputation of the school, may expect disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.



Sacred Hearts School receives invaluable help and support from parents and elected coordinators. The officers make up the Executive Board. The Sacred Hearts’ PTG is a link between the home and school. The objectives of the PTG are:

To promote closer relationships between parents and teachers.

To promote the educational mission of the school.

To promote the spiritual welfare of our children (in the Catholic tradition).

To promote Sacred Hearts School and its mission to the school community.

PTG Executive Board Members meet on campus monthly. The PTG encourages any interested parent to attend any or all of the PTG meetings. A reminder of the meeting time and place will be posted in the school newsletter.

Two General Assembly Meetings are held each school year for the entire parent body. At “Back To School Night” you will meet the Executive Board Members as well as visit your child’s classroom. At the “Bazaar Planning Assembly” important details about the Bazaar are discussed. Please make every effort to attend these important and informative General Assembly Meetings.

See the final pages of handbook for a description of the Service Agreement all parents commit to at Sacred Hearts School. You will need to fill out the BAZAAR & HEARTS forms and return them to the school office at your earliest convenience. 




The student understands that he or she:

Will conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is befitting Christian conduct. Students will use language which affirms the value and worth of themselves and others. Students will perform no action that will be injurious to others. “Keep hands, feet and objects to oneself.”

Will actively participate in all spiritual services and follow the Catholic teachings and traditions.

Will be on time and prepared for class. Students will assist the class instructor and classmates in creating a positive learning experience.

Will respect the property of others and of the school. We all share in the responsibility of keeping our campus clean and attractive. A student who abuses school property will be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement. Hardback books must be covered. LOST TEXTBOOKS OR SCHOOL OWNED EQUIPMENT WILL BE REPLACED AT THE PARENT’S EXPENSE. A lowered grade may result if this is ignored.

Will obey and be respectful toward school personnel’s guidance and direction in action and word.

Electronic equipment may be used in the classroom with the teacher’s consent. Ear Buds are not allowed in school, you may listen to music using only headphones. Inappropriate or unauthorized use will result in:  1st Offense you will receive a reminder; – 2nd Offense  - lose phone or item for the day; 3rd Offense – parent must come to campus to retrieve it.  Any student owning a cellular phone may use it to phone parents after school hours. Personal phones need to be turned off during school hours and given to the teacher. Loss or damage of personal property is not a responsibility of the school. *Grade level iPad Contracts are issued and require parental signature and support of the contract terms.

No alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or weapons are allowed on campus. This will be an automatic suspension from school and may result in expulsion. The school will file a formal report to the Police department and parents will be contacted and notified. If necessary, the student offender(s) will be taken to the police station to be counseled by a youth officer before being released to the custody of the parent(s).

As it is not possible to list all disciplinary infractions that may occur, Sacred Hearts School reserves the right to determine appropriate action for behavior not keeping with Christian values. Serious offenses will be referred to the principal and parents will be notified.



Sacred Hearts School recognizes that bullying and intimidation have a negative effect on school climate and negate the spirit of dignity and uniqueness of each individual we advocate for, in a Catholic School. Students who are intimidated and fearful cannot give their education the single-minded attention they need for success. Bullying can also lead to more serious violence. Every student has the right to an education and to be safe in and around school.

Definition of Bullying. Bullying is a pattern of abuse over time and involves a student being “picked on.” Bullying includes physical intimidation or assault; extortion; oral or written threats; teasing; putdowns; name-calling; threatening looks; gestures or action; cruel rumors; false accusations and social isolation.

Bullying is prohibited. Sacred Hearts School shall not tolerate any bullying on school grounds or at any school activity on or off campus.

Staff intervention. Sacred Hearts School expects all staff members who observe or become aware of an act of bullying to take immediate, appropriate and reasonable steps to intervene – unless intervention would be a threat to the staff members’ safety. If a staff member believes that his or her intervention has not resolved the matter or if the bullying persists, students or staff members shall report the bullying to the school administration for further investigation.

Students and Parents Intervention. Sacred Hearts School expects students and parents who become aware of an act of bullying to report it to the school administration for further investigation. Any student who retaliates against another for reporting bullying may be subject to the consequences listed below (see CONSEQUENCES and/or INTERVENTION).

Investigation procedures. Upon learning about a bullying incident, the principal or designee, shall contact the parents of both the aggressor and the victim, interview both students and thoroughly investigate. This investigation may include interviews with students, parents and school staff; and a review of school records and identification of parent and family issues.

Cyber Bullying is prohibited. The phenomenon of abuse via the Internet and phone applications is a reality we must battle. We must take concrete preventive measures as a school. One can no longer assume that ethical use of technology is universally understood and practiced even amongst our children. Any student, staff, faculty or parent of Sacred Hearts School must understand that the Code of Christian Conduct and our adopted Bullying Policy is to be extended to technology usage also. Using technology to harm others through communication devices such as e-mail, cell phone messages (verbal or text messaging), camera, chat rooms, websites, Facebook or social networking sites negates the spirit of human dignity.


Consequences for students who bully others shall depend on the results of the investigation and may include counseling, a parent conference, detention, suspension and/or expulsion. Depending on the severity of the incident, the principal may also take appropriate steps to ensure student safety. These may include implementing a safety plan; separating and supervising the students involved; providing staff support for students as necessary and developing a supervision plan with the parents.



After repeated violations of rules, procedures and policies a student is placed on probation for a specific period of time. A conference with the parents and the student will be held regarding the probationary status. While on probation, any form of misconduct will warrant dismissal from school.


Suspensions are the exceptional means of modifying behavior. The principal is solely responsible for determining the administration of suspensions. The pastor in turn will be informed of all suspensions. The student is not permitted to come to school for a day or otherwise specified period of time and is assigned scholastic work to be done at home. This work must be completed and a signature of either parent/guardian must be visible on the submitted work when returning to school. Before a student is permitted back to class, the principal will meet with the student and parent. When it is not possible for a suspended student to have adequate adult supervision at home, an in-school suspension will be considered. The student will be given work to complete during the school day at a designated location on campus.


Expulsion is reserved for those students who commit a major violation of school rules, commit a crime, endanger or assault another student or teacher or continually violate rules. Expulsion will also operate as a violation of the student’s academic probation. No refund is given for any expulsion. In most cases, a student will have ample warning of an impending expulsion. The school reserves the right to expel  a student for the greater good of the school.


Any member of the faculty, staff and administration has the authority and responsibility to correct misconduct at any time. All forms of disruptive conduct, violence and intimidation will not be tolerated on the campus or in the vicinity of the school. Such behavior will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension and expulsion.

Research states that:

A schoolwide approach to discipline that is focused, proactive, and consistent is more likely to be effective than the classroom-by-classroom approach used by many schools, since it “sets in motion a culture of recognition that reduces the risk of students slipping into situations where they misbehave to get attention” (Brownell and Walther-Thomas 1999).

Sacred Hearts has adopted the following Schoolwide Discipline:

Each teacher is the primary caretaker of their class in terms of demonstrating respect and honesty.

When teachers feel that situations have been repetitive and or disruptive, and students need to be held accountable an, infraction sheet is then signed.

Both teacher and student will sign their names and indicate what the infraction was.

The school has selected Deans to collect infractions and help counsel students and principal on issues.

Deans will compile how many infractions there were on an online live document shared with the principal on a weekly basis. This allows for the principal and deans to see up-to-date information on issues around campus as well as gather information on issues.

After two infractions have been given, the student will see Deans or Principal for counseling.

Once the student has received the 3rd Infraction a general letter will be sent out by Deans to parents advising them about the policy of Sacred Hearts and their child’s serving an after- school reparation session.

This letter is sent out a week prior to the student’s actual reparation session.

This system does hold students accountable for their actions.

If the student is attending an after-school reparation session they will focus on a structured assignment.

1st-4th Grades Reparation Sessions will be for no more than (30 minutes)

5th-8th Grades Reparation Sessions will be for no more than (1 Hour)

If the student is consistently being sent to reparation sessions then it’s possible that the deans, teacher, parents and principal set up a meeting to find out other avenues that can help the student succeed.

Parents must work alongside school personnel to help in the process of eliminating in-class or school disruptions and being systematic in the school-wide discipline plan.

Upper grade students with more than three (3) reparation sessions or depending on the gravity of the situation, would need to attend a Saturday Reparation. *NOTE: Depending on the gravity of the situation a student may not necessarily need 3 reparation sessions but may be notified by Deans and Principal that an afterschool or Saturday Reparation session is needed. This will be informed far in advance to parents working together to make this successful.

Parents will be notified far in advance as this session will be held from 8:00-10:00 a.m. on a specified Saturday.

These measures are put in place to further help teachers and students be consistent on counseling, improving student character and maintaining schoolwide discipline procedures.


Students have no right or expectation of privacy in desks, lockers or other school property. School property is subject to search for good cause. Students’ personal property, including backpacks, is subject to search if there is a reasonable belief that contraband or stolen property will be found (Hawaii Catholic Schools, Diocesan Education Policy, March 30, 1999). The administration reserves the right, as a private educational institution and for the safety of all students, to search and confiscate items (IAW Hawaii Catholic Schools, Diocesan Education Policy, September 6, 2012, pg. 54). The student will voluntarily surrender items in question. If the student does not comply, parents will be summoned,  the student will be suspended and the search will continue in the presence of the parents.


Sacred Hearts School’s jurisdiction over student behavior is not restricted to the school campus. It extends to all actions performed in school uniform and at all school-related functions.




Students will always be neatly and properly dressed. The administration, faculty and staff reserve the right to judge proper attire. Soiled, frayed, wrinkled or ill-fitting uniforms are unacceptable and subject to parent or guardian notification.

Parents of students reporting to school in non-regulation attire will be called to bring the correct uniform. Students who do not follow the dress code policies will be given a consequence from the teacher or principal and loss of Free Dress. If you are unsure if the items are within the guidelines of the uniform dress code, please check with the school office.


Uniforms may be purchased through Dennis Uniform Company. You may order uniforms by calling Dennis Uniforms on Oahu at (808) 739-9318 or online at The school codes are as follows:

Sacred Hearts School - HI0925

Blue polo shirt with school logo, tucked into the shorts at all times.

Shorts must be worn at the waist.

Girls have the option of wearing khaki walking shorts, khaki pants or khaki (or plaid) skorts (length for girls to be no more than three inches above the knee).

Boys have the option of wearing khaki shorts (no longer than the middle of the knee) or pants.

Belts must be worn with shorts for the 2nd through 8th grades.

Ke Kula Kamali’i Pu’uwai La’a – HI0450

Navy blue elastic waist shorts and the royal blue t-shirt with the Preschool’s name and the Sacred Hearts School logo. Socks and Velcro tennis shoes ONLY. CROCS are not allowed.

Sweatshirts with school logo


Shoes are to be rubber-soled.   Shoelaces are to be tied at all times and not twisted or wrapped.   For   safety reasons, platform shoes are not acceptable. “Crocs” are allowed in KDG – 8th ONLY with socks and with the heel strap in place above the heel. Students may wear non-regulation footwear or clothing with their uniforms ONLY with a parental note and administrative approval.

Socks must be solid black, blue, white or navy. Ankles socks are permitted.


Uniform shirts are navy blue polo style (girls have optional white uniform choices) with the school logo. All grade 2-8 students will wear their shirt tucked into the shorts with the belt visible.



Shorts and pants should fit well and not be too tight or hanging loosely. They should be worn at the waist and not sagging at the hip. Shorts and skorts are not to be worn rolled at the hem or waist and the length is to be no shorter than 3” above the knee. If parents cannot “fit” their child with Dennis Uniform attire, the principal must be informed and an exception to the rule must be agreed upon. Belts are part of the uniform and should be worn at all times.  Belts are optional only for KDG and 1st grade students.


Physical Education (P.E.) uniforms are navy blue shorts with school logo and a blue T-shirt, also with the school logo. P.E. uniforms are to be worn on assigned P.E. days only.


Students may wear a uniform sweatshirt with the school logo. Students may also wear a solid navy blue sweater or sweatshirt during cool or inclement weather. No sweater or sweatshirt with other designs, writing, or logos is permitted.


Permission may be granted to wear other clothing on special occasions such as Free Dress Days or Spring Picture Day. In these instances, parents or guardians will be informed (by the teacher, in the school newsletter or on the school website) of the date and the non-uniform dress code for the special occasions. Free Dress attire should be modest and appropriate to a student’s grade level and age.

Provocative, offensive, and other immodest or inappropriate clothes are not allowed. The parents of students in unacceptable clothing will be called to bring proper attire to the school.

Girls’ short skirts and short dresses, sleeveless tops, cut off tops (any type of tops that shows the midriff), spaghetti straps and bathing suits are not allowed. Shorts must be regulation length.

Dresses shall not be shorter than three inches above the knee at any point from the hemline. Shoes with socks must be worn and no platform shoes are allowed.

Boys’ overly baggy pants, tank tops or inappropriate logo tee shirts are not allowed. Collared aloha shirts and athletic jerseys are allowed. Shoes with socks must be worn.

Teachers have the right to award Free Dress days to the class as a reward for students wearing an impeccable uniform daily.




The student’s hair should be kept neat, clean and styled within the guidelines below:

Boys: Hair must not fall over the eyebrows and/or face. Hair must be clean, well groomed and in a style appropriate for school. Any hairstyle that is interpreted to be a distraction by the teacher and/or the administration to the daily routine of the classroom environment is not acceptable. Any unconventional and extreme hairstyles, heavily gelled or spiked styles, unusual hair coloring and/or bleaching are not permitted (i.e., razor designs that spell out  a word or a name, shaved heads are not allowed).

Girls: Extreme styles and unusual hair coloring, such as bleaching are not acceptable. Hair must not fall over the eyebrows/face.  Any hairstyle that is interpreted to be a distraction to the daily routine of the classroom environment is not acceptable. Scrunchies, elastic hair bands and ponytail holders are to be worn on the hair and not around the wrist or arm. Distracting hair accessories are not permitted.


Boys: One necklace in good taste is allowed.

Girls: Jewelry in good taste is allowed. One pair of post earrings is allowed. Dangling earrings are NOT allowed. No other body piercing is allowed.

No make-up is allowed.


Boys and Girls – No tattoos should be visible. Please wash off temporary tattoos after weekend parties.


Swimwear can only be worn under the PE uniform on scheduled PE Days for exercise at the Aquatic Center and/or on special field trips. Board shorts may be worn for Free Dress (board shorts must be knee length).




If your child is sick, please do not send him or her to school (this includes conjunctivitis “pinkeye” and head lice). Absence due to illness for three consecutive days or more requires a written note from the doctor to be brought to school.

Please refer to “Admission” information for more Health and Medical Requirements.

A physician must prescribe medication.

Label must have specific child’s name, current date and be in the original prescription bottle.

Name of medication and directions must be clear.

Medication is to be sent to the office and administered by office personnel ONLY! Should a severe allergic reaction occur, the faculty and staff will call 911 and the parent immediately.

The school is not responsible for treatments such as soaks, eyewashes, dressing changes or “tweezing” splinters.

If a student has an allergy to milk products, a form signed by his/her doctor must be provided to our office. A copy of this will be given to the lunch provider, the child’s teacher and the school office. A letter signed by the Parent/Guardian will not be sufficient in this instance.

EPI Pen Policy: EPI Pens must conform to the prescription medication policies listed above. EPI Pens must be delivered to the school office by a parent, at which time the school staff will review school policy on the administering of emergency medication.


In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, we advise that parents tune to 93.5 (KPOA FM) on your radio. In the case of an evacuation, please come to the designated evacuation site to pick up your child from school officials. Phone numbers to call in the case of an emergency are listed on page 33.


Fire Drills are conducted on a periodic basis. The faculty/staff and students will evacuate to the parking lots across the street from the church or across the highway to the fire road by the Aloha gas station, depending where the fire is located on the school campus. Please refer to map on page 40.

A tsunami drill will be performed at least once a year and parents will be informed of this via the school newsletter. Procedures conform to all state and local laws and regulations. We evacuate to the elevated area above the Honoapi’ilani Highway (crossing at Dickenson St.). We will stay together as a school and contact parents by phone when time allows. Princess Nahienaena Elementary School, Lahaina Intermediate School and Lahainaluna High School are Civil Defense Evacuation Centers.



Variable weather conditions in Hawaii do exist. The principal may decide with the concurrence of the pastor not to hold classes on a given day or suspend classes in session when the health or safety of the school community would call for such a decision. The principal shall inform local radio stations, KPOA (93.5FM) and KNUI (104.7 FM) when necessary or advisable. As a general rule, when the public schools close, we do also.


In times of emergency, listen for Civil Defense information and instructions on your radio, T.V. or internet device.


Police:   911

Fire:      911

Paramedics:              911

Poison Control Center:           (800) 222-1222

Water Company:           (808) 270-7633

Gas Company:           (808) 877-6557

Maui Electric:           (808) 871-7777

Maui Civil Defense:           (808) 270-7285

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: Pacific Disaster Center:


Suicide and Crisis Center (Maui):           (808) 244-7404

Hawaii Catholic Schools (HCS)

Superintendent of Schools:           (877) 263-8855, Ext. 764

Assistant Superintendent:           (877) 263-8855, Ext. 760




If a student is unable to attend classes, parents must call the school office at 661-4720 before 7:45 a.m. on the day of the absence.

8th grade students must arrive by 7:35AM due to the numerous school-wide responsibilities.

Only five absences will be allowed each quarter without a penalty applied to the student’s report card. A total of 20 or more absences a year may result in retention. Please see the principal if further clarification is needed.

If your child is sick, please do not send him or her to school (this includes conjunctivitis “pinkeye” and head lice). Absence due to illness for three consecutive days or more requires a written note from the doctor to be brought to school.


Parents or Guardians should make use of the school calendar when planning family activities, such as vacations and reunions. It is a heavy burden for a student to make up the work for class time missed for these occasions. It is also a heavy burden for the teacher to accommodate the student who will miss class discussions and projects. A 2-week written notice given to the office and teacher is expected when an extended absence is needed.


Students are required to “make-up” school assignments upon return or as previously arranged with the teacher. The student will be required to complete these assignments in the same amount of time that he or she was absent. For any missed school time (ex: doctor’s appointments, illness, etc.) it is the student’s responsibility to ask for his or her assignments that were missed due to absence from class.

It is the responsibility of the parent to request home work when calling before 7:40AM to report an absence. If time permits, assignments and homework can be available for pick-up in the office after school at 2:15PM or 1:15PM on Wednesday. The most reliable method to obtain homework is through Option C. This is available on the Sacred Hearts School website, Under the Academics tab click the link to the Option C website. Once a user name and password are created on our data management system, assignments will be available.



All medical appointments and other appointments should be made at times that do not conflict with school hours. If appointments must be made during the school day, a written note by a parent or guardian must be given to the teacher and the school office before the scheduled appointment.

Before leaving campus, parents or guardians must sign student(s) out in the Early Dismissal Log located in the school office.

Parents are to go to the school office, not directly to the classroom. School office personnel will contact the student’s classroom for the student to come to the office. Students will be called to the office by the office staff. Students will be released only to those adults listed on their emergency cards. If there should be any exception to the names on the Emergency Card, a note from the parents is required.


Being tardy is disruptive to the flow of the opening structure of each day, whether it is prayer in the courtyard or morning tasks in the homeroom. Each student must be with his or her homeroom when the bell rings at 7:40AM. Kindergarten parents walk their child to the Kindergarten Classroom. We begin each day with prayer in the courtyard. A student arriving after 7:40 is “Tardy” and must report to the office. A student who is tardy FIVE times will require some appropriate disciplinary action by the teacher. A 6th tardy will be cause for the principal’s attention. After Morning Prayer, the homeroom is an important time for communication between the teacher and students.

Students meet in their rooms at 7:40AM each day. On Mondays, after meeting in the classroom, students proceed to church at 8:00AM for Morning Prayer Service. Any student arriving after 8:00 on a Monday needs to join their class in church immediately upon arrival to school, do not go to the office first.


Field trips are privileges given to students; no student has an absolute right to a field trip. Students may be denied participation if they fail to meet academic or behavioral requirements. Parents have the right to refuse their child’s participation in any excursion.

THE STANDARD PERMISSION FORM is for planned field trips and will be sent home well in advance of an excursion and will be posted in the student’s planner. “Permission Slips” will inform parents of all the pertinent details related to the event. Most field trips require parent chaperones and drivers. Parents prior to the activity MUST SIGN THESE FORMS. Getting a permission slip signed is a homework assignment and is the responsibility of the student to complete PRIOR to the designated date. Students who fail to return a signed permission slip will NOT be permitted to attend the trip and will be staying at school doing academic work in a designated location. NO PHONE CALL, FAX OR LETTER GIVING PERMISSION IS ACCEPTABLE AS A SUBSTITUTE PERMISSION FORM.



Homework is a natural extension of students’ classroom instruction and is assigned as a reinforcement of class instruction; a logical follow up to class instruction and an opportunity to expand research of topics studied in class and which students may have a special interest. It reinforces and maintains the mastery and application of skills learned in the classroom, develops thinking skills, expands knowledge, encourages the creative use of abilities and broadens desirable interests and habits. It is a natural preparation for continuing instruction.

A Planner (digital or paper) or Homework Binder is required and provided to the students (grades 1-8) by the school. The student must use his/her Planner and record homework daily. In grades 4th – 8th, missing assignments will be counted against the final quarter grade average.


Office personnel will make the necessary phone calls to parents or guardians.  Students may use a school phone by asking a teacher or office staff.  If it is necessary to contact your child during the school day, please call the school office.


The school is not responsible for losses from lockers and reserves the right to inspect their contents and to remove any item that is in violation of school rules. It is our recommendation that the lockers be kept locked at all times. Students may lose their locker privileges if they leave school with their lockers unlocked. Students must purchase their own combination lock. Lockers are to be clean at all times.


WILL BE REPLACED AT THE PARENT’S EXPENSE. Parents are also financially responsible for lost, stolen or damaged textbooks resulting from a student leaving their locker unlocked.


During school hours all parents and visitors are required to report to the school office and sign the Visitor Log. Appointments to visit and/or observe a classroom are made through the principal with the consent of the teacher. All visitors and guests are required to abide by Sacred Hearts School regulations. This policy is designed to promote the safety and the well being of the entire student body.



Standardized tests are administered in the fall. The Superintendent of Hawaii Catholic Schools (HCS) mandates the testing dates for the entire Diocese of Honolulu. The Diocese of Honolulu has contracted to administer the Terra Nova Test of Basic Skills. An annual writing test (ECRA) is administered to grades 4, 6 & 8. ACRE, the standardized religion test is administered to grades 5 & 8 annually. Prior to the administration of the standardized tests, parents and/or guardians are notified of the testing dates and schedule. A copy of the Terra Nova and ECRA results are available to the parents.


Birthdays at Sacred Hearts are celebrated each month with a special birthday assembly. We, therefore, discourage individual birthday parties in the classrooms. If the teacher allows, (teachers must approve of parties and menus IN ADVANCE) one monthly birthday celebration may be held at the end of the school day on the playground picnic tables. Sugar-laden foods are not encouraged at these events.

Parents and students are expected to pick up all trash and empty full trash cans. If a party is planned, please restrict the treats to fruits, veggies and drinks without sugar.

Here is a suggested list of acceptable items to supply at any party given for a class:

1% or fat free milk (no juice or chocolate milk)

Fruits (fresh or dried)


Hard boiled eggs

Cheese and Crackers

Peanut Butter and Crackers

Frozen yogurt or thawed yogurt

Soy Beans or Fresh Vegetables

All fruit popsicles


Please check our website ( for the newsletter, your email and other school related information that is posted regularly. If divorced parents share custody of a child, we urge the parents to share school information sent home by the teacher. Group e-mails to the parents as well as hard copies (upon request) of the biweekly newsletter will be sent home.



For students receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, all parents and students will be expected to attend mandatory workshops (usually in the springtime of Second Grade). You will be notified of all the details when the workshop dates are scheduled. Schedules will be posted at the rear of the church.

If you are interested in Baptism and the Sacrament of Confirmation for adults and high school aged children, those sacraments are handled through the Maria Lanakila Church Rectory office. Please contact the Rectory office at (808) 661-0552.


Maria Lanakila Church has a Religious Education Program for public school Catholic children (K-12), on Wednesdays from 5:45–7:00PM in the Mother Marianne Cope Hall and Bible Studies for high school students, on Wednesday afternoons at 2:30PM in the Youth Ministry Room, located in the Early Learning Center building.

A complete schedule of the year’s faith formation sessions is available in the Maria Lanakila Church Rectory office. While the children are in the classrooms, their parents meet in the Social Hall for reflection on scripture, music and guest speakers on contemporary topics. Even though your child is being given a foundation in the Catholic doctrine while enrolled at Sacred Hearts School you are encouraged to participate in church activities including Saturday or Sunday Mass.


Sacred Heart's School does not have a licensed counselor on campus. Our Pastor, Fr. Joseph Pathyil and Principal Dr. Miguel Solis are available for an initial meeting where counseling on a spiritual or school matter is concerned. Recommendations for assistance with local counselors can be given for other resources for counseling if the Pastor and/or Principal are unable to assist with your concerns.


Seasonal after-school activities occur when there is arranged and appropriate supervision in place for the students. Middle School volleyball, Honors Choir and Track are examples of extra-curricular activities that have been available to interested students.



The 8th Grade organizes a class retreat that occurs in the Second Semester.  Each student is expected to participate. Parents and students meet early in the school year to decide on the location and plan the fundraising events necessary to raise the money needed for the costs of the retreat. Parents are expected to support the retreat and chaperone if requested.

The parents of the 2nd Grade students receiving the Blessed Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are required to support and attend the two mandatory parent and student retreats held in the springtime of the 2nd Grade year.

Any other retreats that are planned for the students will be done through the Religion classes and organized by the homeroom teacher and room parents.


Sacred Heart's School abides by the regulations of the Diocese of Honolulu & the Hawaii Catholic Schools Office. Maria Lanakila Church also dictates the regulations of using the school grounds for any purpose other than the regular school day.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss and obtain permission to use the school grounds for an event occurring during or after school, please present your request in writing to the school secretary and the principal will contact you for a meeting. The school and church share the school grounds and the rectory office calendar needs to be considered before requests are approved. All activities must be related to a parish ministry or educational purpose and must be previewed by the school office.


We hold the safety and protection of your child’s mind, body and soul at the core of our purpose and mission at Sacred Hearts School. An annual review of the Safe Environment Program and implementation of it is a requirement of employment at Sacred Hearts School.

In response to allegations of sexual abuse of minors by some priests, deacons and clergy, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCB) has promulgated a mandate to ensure the safety and protection of minors. The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (rev. June 2005) requires that dioceses/eparchies establish and maintain “Safe Environment Programs.”

Copies of the “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” are available in the school office.

Volunteer Code of Conduct – All volunteers working with children at Sacred Hearts School will be asked to sign a “Volunteer Code of Conduct Agreement” stating that you promise to abide and follow the rules and guidelines of the agreement.


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