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Founded in 1862 as a parish school by Father Aubert Bouillon, pastor of Maria Lanakila Catholic Church and a member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Sacred Hearts School has been continually serving the children of Maui for over 150 years.  When Sacred Hearts School began in the mid 1800's, Pioneer Mill was not yet built.  With the end of whaling, Lahaina's demographics changed from sailors to plantation workers of many ethnic backgrounds.  The first school were simply two classrooms built next to Maria Lanakila Church.  In 1870, the school doubled in size... to four classrooms.  In 1928, the Sisters of St. Francis joined our school. Joy, charity, peacemaking and simplicity were the principles they lived by.Their mission was to come together to help the children and they perpetuated the Spirit of 'ohana begun by Father Selelande.  Each graduating class carried on the traditions and principles of our founders.